1- Pre-Design (PD)

-Client program review, data collection, interpretation, and organization.

-Site visit
Client provided documentation review (i.e. surveys, Soils Reports, etc.)

-Client provided documentation review (i.e. surveys, Soils Reports, etc.)

2- Schematic Design (SD)

-Code research
-Site review
-Spatial relationships diagrams
-Floor plans, elevations, sections
-Schematic Design package with drawings and preliminary specifications for client sign off. This information will be packaged into a Schematic Estimate Binder that will be used to pursue a Preliminary Cost Estimate from the General Contractor.

3- Design Development (DD)

-Proposals will be obtained from consultants as needed included but not limited to Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Lighting Designer, MEP Engineering, etc.

-Consultant coordination as required to develop the interior and exterior of the building. Other professionals usually involved are an Interior Designer and a Landscape Architect. LMD will be in charge of coordination of all parties.

-Exterior and Interior Materials definition

-At the end of this phase LMD will produce a package, generally at 1⁄4” scale consisting of refined floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections, Interior Elevations, and sections to be used for the purpose of obtaining final client approval to the overall massing, detailing, and materials.

4- Construction Procurement (CP)

-Advise the client during the pricing and General Contractor selection process.

-Preliminary cost estimate request from General Contractors at the end of the Schematic Design phase,

-Assistance in the reviewing of the estimates,

-Clarification to documents as well as General Contractor’s questions as they arise.

5- Construction Documents (CD)

-Preparation of drawings and specifications to be used to describe the project.

-Pursue of approvals from all agencies with jurisdiction over the project.

-Consultants coordination as needed.

-Issuance of the set of drawings and specifications for construction

6- Construction Administration

-Periodic site visits will be made to perform observations relative to job progress and adherence to design intent.

-Review of shop drawings and provisions for design clarifications as needed.

-General Contractor Applications For Payment review, Punch List walk-thru at the end of construction.