Design Philosophy

‘...Meaningful Architecture can only be achieved through serious active listening before the actual design process begins and well after the project vision has been revealed...’
Architectural Design is the process of creating a tridimensional solution for intangible aspects such as desires, needs, lifestyles, and expectations, combined with more tangible constraints such as regulations, site conditions, budget, etc. Architectural solutions can only be as effective as our ability to listen and most importantly fully understand/interpret the goals behind what is being expressed with words.


Who are we?

California based LMDesign & Associates was founded in 2003 by Colombian Architect Luis Murillo with the mindset that the hard working and resourceful mentality of the Colombian culture combined with the more structured and well planned techniques used in the US would make for much more efficient processes and outstanding products compared to a standard US design firm. From 2003 until 2009, LMD geared its efforts in gaining knowledge about the architectural design practice in the US, about systems and procedures used by other design firms in and outside of California, and more recently in re-establishing a professional relationship with the design community in Colombia. To that end, LMDesign Principal Luis Murillo pursued work in the design and Construction Documents preparation for multiple residential projects in Colombia, Baja California, and the US (California), often contracting drafting services in Colombia, work that alternated with his managerial position at a large design firm in California. By the end of 2009, however, in the mist of the worldwide financial crisis a sentiment finally settled that a large firm wasn’t necessarily conducive to efficient client service or architectural design. Architect Luis Murillo, then an Associate Architecture Studio Director at a Southern California based design company, left the firm and decided to focus his efforts in the strengthening of LMDesign & Associates.

Luis Murillo is the client primary contact and in charge of all aspects of the project inclusive of existing conditions analysis, code research, design, client meetings, consultant coordination, and Construction Documents preparation. As currently structured, a full time Senior Project Manager assists throughout all the phases of the job. In addition consulting services are contracted by LMD on a as needed basis for assistance on drafting and rendering related tasks.

Since early 2010 LMDesign has been working on building a reputation for a full-service architectural design firm where the basis is client satisfaction through efficiency, thorough communication, coordination, and documentation. LMD has completed several projects in Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Los Angeles, including new homes and major remodels and is also working on different stages of design, documentation, and permitting for several residential new projects and remodels in the South Bay area.