Shawn Nelson Builders

‘Over the last 10+ years we have completed a half dozen or more projects with LM Design. Clients love Luis for his creative design insights and for how well organized he is.  From a builder’s perspective it is wonderful to work with an architect who puts so much effort into providing a well coordinated set of plans for us to build from. Luis is demanding of the contractor in terms of the quality of the construction and the adherence to finish tolerances, but is always reasonable and fair.’


John Durica, Project Manager @ Wilson Construction

‘The end of the year is upon us once again and I would personally like to thank Luis and his team for a very pleasurable and productive year. As project manager for Wilson Construction, I have been assigned many projects in the past with LMDesign.   Luis, as always, thank you for making my job easy, working with your team is always a pleasure, information is always quick to come by and you and your team are always willing to provide help and advice in completing projects with the highest standards of construction and design.

Personally I consider it a bonus being assigned a project with the LMDesign on the plans. Once again, thank you and your staff for a great year and I look forward to working with you on many more projects in the future.’ 


Abbott Construction

‘ We wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with you and your firm. The process started with an amazing set of plans that you developed. You have a great sense of design. Your plans were thorough, detailed, and made for smooth construction.

You and your Project Manager, Esther Alva, were available whenever questions and clarifications needed to be addressed. Your team’s shop drawings were completed and always provided to us in a timely fashion. It was greatly appreciated and so important that you were available for onsite weekly meetings.

Your professional team made our job a delight and helped deliver a beautiful home to our clients. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and your staff in the near future. It would be exciting to team up again. '



Warren & Dana Kushner:

Luis Murillo is one of a kind.  A creative genius who is relentless in his pursuit to find the perfect balance between Practical living and Design aesthetic.  Luis was by far our biggest asset during the 3-year building period of our new home in Manhattan Beach.  His many years of experience and out of the box thinking helped turn every design challenge into something special.  While being extremely collaborative, Luis would often have his own opinion.  Believe me, this is what you want from an Architect.  But most importantly with Luis, his opinion always supported our overall design and lifestyle intention.  Sometimes we just didn’t have the vision to see it and he helped us through this with his beautiful drawings and countless image searches.  He is very punctual and always got back to us promptly which is rare in the building world and much appreciated, as you will see. Building can be a stressful experience but Luis made it a pleasure.  Through thick and thin, he maintained a positive attitude and his warm endearing demeanor and smile kept the spirit up for all of us. When it came to dealing with challenges with the contractor or subs, Luis stepped right up and took charge, keeping the momentum going and making sure our best interests were protected.

Every day I recognize how fortunate we were to have Luis Murillo as part of our team, by far the best decision we made.


Steve Blau

Luis designed a remodel of my small home in Manhattan Beach.  He provided several design ideas and drew plans quickly and efficiently.  He was always accessible and very responsive, helped my find an appropriate contractor to fit my budget, and continued to work with me through the entire process.  I know he typically works on much larger and more expensive projects, and an am very happy to have had his expertise and vision on my small project.


Sarah & Eric Kjellberg

We currently have the privilege of working with principal architect, Luis Murillo, and his project manager, Esther Alva, of LMDesign in Manhattan Beach. They are a great team and have come up with some unique ideas and wonderful schematic designs for our Manhattan Beach remodel, including many 3D renderings that have allowed us to dream about the end product. Each of our meetings are productive as they address everything that is needed to keep the project moving. The things that stood out most during our first initial meeting with Luis was his architectural acumen, his positive attitude and demeanor, not to mention the portfolio of his work and the schematic design book sample that he brought to that meeting, which lead us to picking his office over the others. His team is extremely approachable and knowledgeable, and they sincerely care about their clients. Look no further and pick them for your project.


Michon & Rich Herman

We were so pleased with all that you did to help with our renovation. You are a great listener and very organized.  You listened to our ideas and helped refine them in a way that made sense for the space that we have. You made suggestions that we hadn't thought about and have a great artistic eye for detail.  It is the combination of these details and the efficient use of space that we continue to appreciate day after day, after living in our remodeled home for over a year now. On a personal note, we just really appreciated you as a person -- warm, kind, intelligent, good sense of humor and a class act.  


Burke Large

"Brilliant and extremely professional" come immediately to mind when we think about working with LMD Architecture Studio.

After meeting and discussing our project with several top local Architects, LMD was the clear choice.  They provided the perfect balance of creativity and professionalism.  We also felt like we "connected" immediately with Luis and his team.  Luis and Esther listened to our needs, desires, and dreams for our home remodel.  Every time they came up with ideas that met perfectly with those needs, desires, and dreams. 

Finally, I had very high expectations for LMD.  Luis and his team exceeded those expectations every step of the way.

Dawn Ahrens

We highly recommend this detail orientated and highly skilled architecture firm. They re-imagined our tired old 1939 house to a contemporary bungalow in a year. We used their design expertise all the way through the construction process and beyond to helping with lardscapes, perimeter custom gates and a pool design.


Larry Drasin, Interior Designer

My experience working with LMD Architecture Studio was a pleasure.

Last year I had the opportunity to collaborate with LMD on a major Manhattan Beach Strand home that had numerous permitting challenges to maximize the usable square footage and intensive interior program requirements.

Luis Murillo has a tremendous ability to coordinate all his professional architectural, structural and code knowledge to create impressive iconic buildings and interior spaces.

LMD has the remarkable ability to understand the clients needs and turn around important architectural documentation in a very efficient manor so the contractors can develop accurate budgets and schedules from his permit drawings and detailed construction documentation.

I was impressed with LMD understanding of design aesthetics and material selections to create low maintenance energy efficient environments. 


Ken Niver, Structural Engineer

‘Some architects we work with are technically adept and do precise plans but with little imagination, some are artistic and have great visions but are poor at putting the ideas down on paper. 

We enjoy working with LMD because your designs are imaginative, but realistic, and the plans are well detailed and well coordinated.  I can usually sit down and go through the design without having to constantly call for more information that is lacking.  If the design is unrealistic the costs to construct will be exaggerated and if the plans are not thorough the contractor will not be able to bid on them accurately.’