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Our Process


• Road map
• The site: a not so blank slate
• The context
• Goals & objectives

Schematic Design

• Physical & regulatory constrains
• The big idea
• Goals & objectives become living spaces
• A vision is materialized

Design Development

• It takes a village
• Navigating your new home
• Comfort & practicality. Making smart choices
• Materials, colors & textures that inspire

Construction Procurement

• Finding the right construction partner
• What will it take?
• A vision in numbers
• Teamwork & problem-solving mentality

Construction Documents

• Navigating through agencies processing
• Consultants coordination: the art of anticipation
• Putting it all together
• The vision manual

Construction Administration

• Understanding the big picture
• Paving the road towards the expected end
• The details only the architect can see
• Move-in date!

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